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Body Image

Body Image
"Body image is the mental representation we create of what we think we look like; it may or may not bear a close relation to how others actually see us. That is, it is subject to all kinds of distortion from internal elements like our emotions, moods, early experiences, attitudes of our parents, and much more. Nevertheless, it strongly influences behavior. Preoccupation with and distortions of body image are widespread among American women (and, to a lesser extent, among males), but they are driving forces in eating disorders, feeding severe anxiety than can be assuaged only by dieting."
Psychology Today -

My goal at 307 Photography isn't to make you look like something you are not, but to show the beauty you ARE! I do nominal retouching, but through pose and lighting highlight the beauty you are. I'm not interested in producing another supermodel, or doing super body mods that make you look like something you aren't. I am interested in showing how beautiful you already are. I often hear "Is that really me?" when ladies see their photographs. And my answer is "It has always been you, how others see you." Dove did this amazing video about how women view themselves, as opposed to how others view you. If you haven't seen it yet, watch this Video. It's only three minutes and very enlightening.

We spend too much time focusing on how well others look, and how "perky" or "well defined" others are, and so much time looking at our flaws that we can't see past them to our own individual beauty. Of course, just walk down the checkout of any store and look at the magazines. Cosmo and Self are all about how to look better, and the tabloids are all about who looks bad, and worst dressed. We are obsessed!

As we all know this obsession is suffered by mostly females, as they spend the most money on beauty and diet products. I want to offer an experience that differs from that. I love doing boudoir photography and showing the beauty that is already there. But this isn't about just having sexy photographs, that make you feel younger, more vibrant, and attractive. It is an experience. My shoots are fun, laid back, and a pampering good time. It's about finding the You that is empowered, attractive, and alluring. The You that you may have thought lost to time, children, or a well lived life.

Have some fun, pamper yourself, and recover that lost sense of self, and have some hot photos to prove it. I would love to show you what other people see!

Get in touch with me, I'll explain more! 


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