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Why You Should Consider a Boudoir Session

So many women are considering a Boudoir photo shoot for gifts for their significant other. And many women wonder why. But it really is an experience as well as a very personal, intimate gift that no one can give except you.

The whole experience of the shoot is an adventure in itself. You get to be a little risque, feel sexy, and be the desired center of attention for an afternoon. But in a safe and acceptable way. You get to live one step closer to the that elusive "edge" that you dare not cross. You get to be the object of desire during the shoot.

And as long as you are using an established, trusted photographer, it is perfectly safe. 

Then the shoot is over, and the images get processed, and a few days passes. Then the proofs and the book arrive, beautifully packaged and hand delivered. You open them for the first time and the rush of the shoot, the feeling comes back.

Then some more time passes, and then the occasion comes to present the shots to your significant other. Whether it be an anniversary date, valentines, birthday, christmas, etc.. you put on your favorite outfit, with unders to match and you smile and flirt, and present the photos. 

However you give them to  your lover, you get to relive that feeling of desire all over, and this time, you get to BE desired, chased, and possibly captured (wink). And if all goes well, you know where this tale ends... Passion!

And then anytime you break out the little black book, or leave the photos for your lover to find, it becomes that moment all over again. 

How else can you create that 'moment' with such a small investment.

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