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I Love "This Girl Can"

I love the UK site "This Girl Can". It is truly making a difference in women's perception of self. My sister-in-law shared this on Facebook and I just love the idea. If you have read my blog (as sparce and sporadic as it is) there are quite a few entries about body image, self worth, and an attempt by one man to show that we are not all judging you ladies by the same standards that the media portrays. Take a minute, and watch this video, and realise that there are those of us that know HEALTHY is sexy, that SKINNY doesn't equate to healthy!

Go see more at . I think they are truly doing what their tagline says.

"This Girl Can is here to inspire women to 
wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement 
is a barrier that can be overcome."

I hope they keep it up.

And if you want to send your own message about what you CAN DO. Keep in mind my STATEMENTS project. I am always looking for people of all shapes, ages, ethnicity to join the project, and make their voice heard. Get ahold of me make a STATEMENT today. And get involved with "This Girl Can"

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