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Beauty is in they eye of the... Era?

Ideal female body type has been in a constant state of flux through history. 

And with the current trend of Meghan Trainor, who is all about that bass, and Tess Holliday getting a major modeling contract at size 22, I think we may be opening up our views of beauty to include much more than just what the fashion world tells us is beauty. 

Things have changed dramatically through history. Being a a 90's boy, I grew up loving grunge music and the whole break from the 80's dayglow, and overindulgence. But I am VERY glad to be away from the 90's "Heroin Chic" look on the runways and magazine adverts. 

What is your favorite era?

Personally, I like where we are heading. The body image movement is getting us out of the narrow view of beauty. Personally I think Healthy is Beautiful, no matter what size that may be. 

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