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My Process

How it works

How I approach your portraits is probably different than anything you have ever seen before. I don't consider myself a 'photographer' in the traditional sense. I make wall art, and custom wall decor for you.

I do something new and personal for all my seniors. This is about them, it's their day to show who they have grown into, and who they intend to become. I want this to show in the images that will be seen by generations.

  1. I DO NOT CHARGE a sitting fee. I create this custom, one of a kind art for you at no cost.
  2. I do however require a prepaid purchase before any work is done.

    -What does this mean?
    I put a lot of time and resources into creating these amazing portraits for you, and your future generations to enjoy. I don't want to make these great likenesses of you until I am sure they are going to be purchased and enjoyed. 

    So, you pay for a minimum purchase up front. This is based on how many outfits, and how many locations. Each location and/or outfit change is considered a new work, and hence a new commission. Each outfit/location will get 6 very distinct images.

    Every cent you give me goes toward the purchase of a print. This means that you aren't ever surprised by what the minimum charge will be. The money is put into your account with us like a gift card, until the images are done and you decide which size you want these beautiful works of art be displayed in your home.

  3. I DO NOT DO PACKAGES. When have you ever bought a picture package from a photographer and given out the precise number of photos they sold you in their package? You were either over-sold, or under serviced. I sell all my prints, announcements, etc..  ala carte. Meaning you only order exactly what prints you want in the size and quantity you want. (If you are having a hard time understanding this, then just think of it as a "Choose your own package" experience)
  4. I have very fast turn-around time on your images. There is no need to wait, my team and I do all our editing in house, and our printers are very fast. Your proofs will be in before you know it.

Now that I have completely confused you. Call and ask, I will be happy to tell you how and why we charge different from the "Other guys".
307-215-9095 - Download Price Guide Here