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Senior Model Program

Become a senior model


We are looking for High School Seniors to help us market our studio to their friends. If you are interested, please fill out this form completely.

  • Senior Model Rules

    The first step to becoming a Senior Model for Phillip Harnden Photography is to set up a Free Senior Test Shoot. There is no obligation associated with the test shoot, it is just an opportunity to see how you like being photographed by Phill! All Free Senior Test Shoots must be scheduled before school stars.  

    If you love your session and your pictures, you then have an opportunity to become a Senior Model by booking a Senior Model Session! All Senior Model Sessions are "Location" Sessions. For the months of July through September, we are offering all of our Senior Models 1/2 price Session Fees. The "Location" Session is normally $300 minimum, but by signing up you can schedule a session for only $150! This session is usually scheduled during your Free Senior Test Shoot, so please come prepared to make an appointment for your Senior Model Session if you decide we are going to be your photographer. All session fees are collected when an appointment is made.

    Senior Models are required to be photographed by Phill at least 2 additional times over the course of their Senior Year. We will set up a special group text and send out text messages letting all of our Models know when and where Phill will be. If you can show up and participate, great! If not, there will be other opportunities throughout the 14-15 Senior Year. Take advantage of as few or as many opportunities as you like!

    Senior Models are charged for their first session fee (the "Location" Senior Model Session) and then all other sessions are provided at no charge. A Senior Model can earn back the cost of their initial session by getting their friends to schedule an appointment. Simply get 3 of your friends to schedule an appointment and your appointment is Free! To help you do this, we provide you professional Senior Model Cards to give to your friends.

    Senior Models agree to be photographed exclusively by Phill Harnden Photography. If you are hoping to be photographed by several photographers over the course of your senior year, please do not sign up as a Phill Harnden Model. We use your images as marketing and we thus require that Phillip Harnden Photography is your exclusive High School Senior Photographer!

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