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Since 1976 my life has led me on a journey to this time of passion, art and trying to make the most beautiful images possible. Over twenty years of photography, my obsession has taught me skills I offer you now. Whether at a workshop, or as the subject, I don't consider my self a photographer, but as a philographer. (philo means 'love'; grapher means to capture visually).


My Mission

I strive to bring the emotion and story to the images created as photographs, graphic design or video. I want you to laugh, cry or learn something about yourself after seeing my work. Whether it be nature's mighty beauty, or your loved one's amazing smile, each piece of art should invoke a reaction.

Phil I truly want to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of our new baby and the family pictures. I know that this is our last baby and I want to cherish every memory I can. You took your time with our photos and had patience for all 3 of my children while trying to capture the perfect shot. Your pictures will tell a beautiful story of our family while hanging on my walls. Thank you again and I will be contacting you soon for Drew’s 3 month pictures.