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Why Boudoir

Why boudior

It's OK to be sexy as you are.

As a man raising daughters in American culture, I've watched them struggle with weight and self-image. Through our entire lives we are inundated with imagery telling us what beauty is, what we 'should look like', and it is a harmful lie!

I dream of a culture where the female form in it's natural state is treasured and adored, and not looked down upon, or is told is wrong. It wasn't until I started photographing people that I realized that very few people, if any, actually look like the magazine covers, or centerfold photos. These photos are smoothed, and stretched and squished and shaved and warped to get to some idealized fantasy of a human form.

As a father and grandfather of young women, I am an advocate for women. Intimate sessions are much more than just sexy pictures. It's about reconnecting and finding your inner beauty as well as embracing yourself as an embowered beautiful woman. I see a lot of emotions, tears of joy during these intimate sessions. I feel that I'm meant to be this catalyst for women to find themselves and their inner, and outer beauty.

With posing, lighting, camera angles, and classical shooting styles, the portraits of my clients show their beauty while connecting with them to tell their personal story.

My retouching philosophy is that less is more. As a local fashion and modeling photographer I am required by the industry to retouch in fantastical ways. I was watching my daughters as I retouched fashion images to the idealized standards. I realized that I want to make a difference with the talents I was blessed with. I don't want to contribute to the problem. So my intimate sessions walk that line between you and a fantasy of you. they are a polished, happy, confident you. Not some fantasy created by photoshop.

A shoot with me is an empowering, liberating experience, as well as great sexy photos.

I am working hard to redefine the standard of beauty in what ways I can. 

 Women should be able to to be beautiful, playful, and sexy, while keeping their elegance, class, and dignity!

My goal is to help remove the unjust filter that women have been programmed to judge themselves through. Through making images of women in their natural beauty, maybe we can break the mold, and help show others that you are beautiful as yourself, and they can be too. You can be a positive role model for your daughters and their daughters, soon we have a different view of beauty.

I work hard to enlighten and empower women and hope that it helps to change the world... one intimate session at a time.

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Celebrate your unique beauty with us!

Phillip Harnden